List of Best Insurance in Indonesia

List of BestInsurance in Indonesia
This following is a list of the Best Insurance in Indonesia may be useful information and prices add to the interest of the customer
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 Insurance Coverage:
Accident: collision, collisions, overturned, skidded
Misconduct: theft, robbery, riot, terrorism
Natural disasters: floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, lightning strike

ABDA Auto Insurance
PT Asuransi Bina Dana Arta Tbk.
(021) 51401688

ACA Auto Insurance
PT. Asuransi Central Asia
(021) 56998288

Allianz Auto Insurance
PT Asuransi Allianz Utama Indonesia
(021) 2926 9999

Autocillin Auto Insurance
PT. Asuransi Adira Dinamika
(021) 390 3456

AXA Auto Insurance
PT. Asuransi AXA Indonesia
(021) 579 367 70

Bringin General Auto Insurance
PT. Asuransi Bringin Sejahtera Artamakmur

Garda Oto Auto Insurance
PT. Asuransi Astra Buana

Intra Asia Auto Insurance
PT. Intra Insurance

JaPro Car Auto Insurance
PT. Asuransi Jaya Proteksi

Jasindo Oto Auto Insurance
PT. Asuransi Jasa Indonesia

JP-ASTOR Auto Insurance
PT. Asuransi Jasaraharja

Magic Car Auto Insurance
PT. LIG Insurance Indonesia

Magna Mobil Auto Insurance
PT. Asuransi Multi Artha Guna

Mega Mobil Auto Insurance
PT. Asuransi Umum Mega

Mitsui Sumitomo Indonesia Auto Insurance
PT. Asuransi MSIG Indonesia

Mobil Koe Auto Insurance
PT. Asuransi Umum Bumiputeramuda 1967

Rama Auto Insurance
PT. Asuransi Rama Satria Wibawa

Simas Mobil Auto Insurance
PT. Asuransi Sinar Mas

Takaful Auto Insurance
PT. Syarikat Takaful Indonesia
(021) 799 1234

Wahana Tata Auto Insurance
PT. Asuransi Wahana Tata

Zurich Auto Insurance
PT. Zurich Insurance Indonesia

How to Make Meta Tags SEO Friendly

Meta Tag SEO Friendly
Well the end - this end I often update the post. Hahaha. That is well, then I'm more passionate Blogging. i've Read the title above?, "Meta tags and Benefits". In my article this time, I will discuss about the meta tags. Surely there are many out there about the Meta description tag. Sometimes the existence of Meta tags is important to be installed on our blog. Why? the answer is quite short. Meta tags must be installed to popularize your blog to search engines. In my article SEO guides for Blogger Template,i've tell with you about all the prosedure that i acknowledge in order to SEO-ize  Blogger Template or your Blog. Now i'll tell to you about How to make Meta Tags SEO friendly

Meta Tag is an element or tag in HTML or XHTML programming language that is used to apply the metadata in a web page. This Meta element should be placed at the "head" in the HTML. These Meta tags can be used also to express the description / caption of a Web page and to explain the key words (keywords) related to metadata and the other without the "head".

Meta Tags Description
Overview of the description Meta tags, Meta tags are a great way to convey information about the blog contains the search engine. Meta tags are divided into two:

     Keyword Meta tags
     Robots Meta tags

Keyword Meta Tags
Keyword Meta tags is very important because with this we can determine the keywords for our site. For example:

<Meta name = "keywords" content = "keywords 1, 2 keywords, and keywords 3 ...>
But the thing to remember! Repeat the word more than 3 times will be considered spamming. Like this:
<Meta name = "keywords" content = "UPN student data, the history of UPN, UPN glance ...>
And you must understand, do not ever make the keywords that had nothing to do with the content of your blog contain.

Robots Meta Tags
The main purpose of this installation is the Meta tags in order to determine which web pages can be indexed by a spider and web pages which cannot be indexed. Got it? ... The basic format of these tags:

<meta name="robots" content="index | noindex | follow | nofollow">
Few examples, if you want the spiders to read the main page and browse through all the links that exist, then <meta name="robots" content="index follow"> but if otherwise then, <meta name = "robots" content = "noindex nofollow" >.

Then How to install?
How To put it quite easy, you only need to enter your ID. Then go into the draft - Edit HTML and then copy and paste the following code just below <title> <data:blog.pageTitle/> </ title>. And do not forget to change the color orange is a description of your blog.

<Meta content=' your description' name='description'/>
<Meta content = 'KEYWORD1 KEYWORD2 keyword3 ...' name = "keywords" />
<Meta content='INDEX, FOLLOW' name='ROBOTS'/>

Thanks for reading. Good night :)
<data:blog.pageTitle/> </ title>. And do not forget to change the color orange is a description of your blog. <meta content=' your description' name='description'/> <meta content = 'KEYWORD1 KEYWORD2 keyword3 ...' name = "keywords" /> <meta content='INDEX, FOLLOW' name='ROBOTS'/> Thanks for reading. Good night :)

How to choose the right car insurance?

Choosing insurance is not easy. Especially in the midst of fierce competition today. Almost all insurance companies have vehicle insurance products. Stay of prospective customers to choose which one decent take. Therefore below we present some criteria so that no one chose:

1. Prospective customers do not dwell on the cheap premium rates. Because, in today's competition, many insurance companies slam prices, offers cheap premium rates. Though not necessarily a guarantee of service.

2. See the insurance package offered. For example, extensive warranties to how much. Therefore, the scope of cover is to be adjusted with the desire and ability to prospective customers.

3. See also the network of insurance companies concerned. For example, how many have a branch office or how many partners have a garage, so that there is a claim did not wait long to repair the vehicle or vehicles reported missing.

4. Could be asked first ease, facility or what added value can be obtained when buying a policy in the company. For example, if there is a tow truck, a replacement car or a hotline service, mechanic services, ambulances and so forth. And, last but not least is easy to make changes as well as the ease of asking.

5. Consider also the insurance company's benefices. Do not get so there is a claim, the workshop did not have a partner. Therefore, many insurance companies claim they are the best. Though financial condition was very severe.

In addition to the above, there are several factors that should be considered in the process of selecting an insurance company included in choosing the product. The thing to keep in mind that in choosing a private insurance company, then that should be considered in general are the three factors.

First, the financial strength (security). Second, the service (service).And third, cost or expense. Financial strength of insurance related to the company's financial ability to fulfill its promise if the situation requires. It is important to know, because not a few insurance companies are looking at the flashy exterior. For example storey building, vehicle good directors. But when there claims of customers, the company can not afford to pay.

In assessing the financial strength of these there are several benchmarks that need attention.

a.Assets and liabilities. This can be seen from the consolidated balance sheet is published in the newspaper. See also, whether the investment is planted in the current or longterm. In terms of liability (ability to pay off liabilities) will look at the balance sheet, how the debts to the reinsurer, how he fulfilled his obligation to pay claims, and so forth.

Indicators of net liabilities include equity (own capital) divided by net premiums `` (net premiums) of at least 50%. Capital is divided into `gross` premiums (gross premiums) of at least 20%. Limit the level of solvency, as seen from its own capital divided by net premiums of at least 10% and investment funds technical reserves divided by a minimum of 100%.

b.Underwriting Policy. On the balance sheet and annual report will be seen that the insurance is still a profit, or profit growth. This means underwiting was good policy.

c.Its underwriters. Insurance has personnel qualified or not. It is known from a company profile that includes the underwriters it.

A service (service) is a reflection of the extent of human resources at the company's qualified or not. Moreover, the insurance company is selling a service, so excellent service is the key. For example, the extent to which the speed of service in both the policy issue especially in the payment of compensation or claims.
In addition, about the service can actually be felt by the customer. Is this insurance company was absolutely the best service for its customers.

In this connection it should also be questioned, whether the insurance company in reinsurance class safety.This can be seen from its annual report. It is important to note, because if the company is not backed up by reinsurance, the company is likely to be speculative in receiving the premiums.

The problem is how much the cost incurred by insurance companies in operation. If it is greater than the cost of income, then obviously the company is not efficient. If it's not efficient, it will end up losing money. And, if you continually lose money, certainly not healthy.

In this connection may also see the price premiums. Compare prices of insurance premiums with other insurance. Where the quality is really good.

Today the government has set a benchmark of health insurance (not the only one) is through mechanizing RBC (Risk Capital Base). If the number of RBC, this means the company is valued in good condition. But we should not be fixated solely with RBC numbers.Therefore, it could also be a large company that is doing a major expansion like to open many branches, then the RBC numbers would be small.
In contrast, there is a small insurance company but never to expand, the RBC number was probably much greater.

Thus, RBC numbers can not be used as the sole measure of whether the insurance company is healthy or not.

In this case, also noteworthy is the company's performance in two or three years. How big profits every year, how much gross premiums they receive each year, how much additional capital and assets every year.

And, last but not least is how the behavior of the management company for this. Is there a management company for this broken promise? Has the management of these companies have defaulted and others.

How to Makes Text Run

My friends, the review this time I will give you a tips that I think will be very beneficial to you, which makes text run. Current text is often called a marquee, is an effect of motion on the text. Usually the current text is used by blog owners to display a message, link or banner to attract visitors.

In general, how to make the text run in the blog could use a basic html code as below

1.Make text runs from right to left (default)

code :  <marquee> </marquee>

the results

2.Make the text runs from left to right (direction)

code:  <marquee behavior="scroll" direction="right" height="50" width="auto"></marquee>

the results

3.Make text move to regulate the speed (scrollamount). You can change the number 30 on scrollamount = "30"

code:   <marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" scrollamount="5"></marquee>
<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" height="100" scrollamount="30" width="auto"></marquee>

the results

4.Make the text moves back and forth / bounce when they arrive at the edge of the left or right

code:  <marquee behavior="alternate"></marquee>

the results

5.Make the text run with a blue background, to change the background (the background color of it) could replace the word "blue" in the bgcolor = "blue", another color color table can be found here

code:  <marquee bgcolor="blue" height="50" width="auto">

the results

Well friends. Maybe it tips I can give. Good luck.! And Hopefully Helpful. Yupp. Have a nice blogging. :)

Submit Your Blog or Website to Popular Search Engines

One way to improve Search Engine Optimization, then you need to register your blog or website to popular search engines such as google, yahoo, altavista and msn.

Generally, tools that function to calculate the ranking of a website using search engine traffic from the four, the rest of the other search engines combined. So an obligation to register our website url to search engine page, so that our website can be recognized and indexed by search engines.

To register for the website url to google, use the link below:

Click here

The following page will appear, type your website url, then type the code that appears random

Click the Submit URL,

If successful a success message will appear from google

And you can put your other url.

Definition of Google Pagerank

The definition of Google Pagerank - Pagerank is a number that is used to indicate how important the website in the Internet world, especially in the web world.
Google found that when a web page linked to another web page then the web is going to effectively do vote for the other web pages.
More votes are given to a web page means that web page in need by many people.
Also web pages that do vote are determining the vote itself.
Google calculates the pagerank of the vote is conducted.
The value of each vote taken and in place by Google in an account where the PageRank of a page in the calculated / calculated.

Understanding Google Pagerank is a way to determine whether a website is a website that is needed or not.
PageRank provides search engine ranking in effect although not the only factor used by Google to determine the level of the search results, but is most important.

Not all links are counted by Google.
For example, Google to filter links that come from link farms.
Some links may lead to a website in the terminated or removed from the list of Google.
Google estimates that webmasters can not control the web which provide a link to their website, but they can control the web where they provide a link on their website.
For this reason, links into the site does not harm the site, but the link from the site can be dangerous if the link is connected to the website of the waste by Google, even our website can also be banned from Google for a link from a website that has been dumped by Google, the purpose of which is omitted banned from Google search engine or our website are not to be found again by the number one search engine in the world (Google).

There are several features of the website that has been discarded, one of which is usually the website can not be found on Google, or not readable by the search engine Google, and usually has a PR 0 (Pagerank 0).

So be careful you are in insert link (link exchange) into your website, especially if the website has a PR 0 (PageRank 0) because it is usually a website with PR 0 is discarded by the Google website and is not recommend to exchange links or put a link with the website.

How to increase Google Pagerank?

There are several factors or component that in giving notice by Google Pagerank (PR) for a website.
Google does not judge of the design that created, keyword density, the relationship or the quality of the content of websites that make a website to obtain a high Pagerank.
Google combines some of the things given by the search engines.

Factors that affect Google Pagerank:

1.You can get a high Pagerank by the number of back links from other websites but it's good to get back   links from websites that already have more than a high Pagerank of your website.There are several ways to get quality back links, one way that is widely used today is to make linking to other sites, posting on blogs or forums, article marketing, press releases and so on.
2.The quality of the content of your website will help you to get a higher Pagerank because search engines give priority to websites that have quality content
3.Keywords related to your anchor text will guide you to get a higher Pagerank.
4.Put the main keyword in the H1 tags or highlighting keywords on the entire website with bold, underline, or italic is also a good idea.
5.The relationship between keywords to your website on search time in doing.
6.Several other factors such as JavaScript, frames, outbound links, pop-up can reduce the Pagerank of  your website, so do not use too many of these factors in your website.
7.Update your content regularly so Google knows.

The factors that put an end to an article about Google pagerank of this notion, in my opinion it is a little info on Google pagerank understanding that you must know if you want to become a true blogger or somebody wanted more time engaged in the world of bloggers, hopefully this article useful someday for you, if you have not read the article before you can click on the Google Pagerank calculations.